Voodoo Liner 4 Ltr Pouch Kit, Black Ute, Truck Bed Liner Coating, Diy Spray-on

Voodoo Liner 4 Ltr Pouch Kit, Black Ute, Truck Bed Liner Coating, Diy Spray-on

Voodoo Liner 4 Ltr Pouch Kit, Black Ute, Truck Bed Liner Coating, Diy Spray-on
Welcome to Voodoo Liner. Warehouse Direct, Scary Easy, DIY applied range of truck bedliner coatings. Voodoo liner® RX is. NOT a Private Label nor Re-Branded product supplied from another supplier. Rather in-house Proprietary Technology developed over many years. Voodoo Liner’s range of products are environmentally friendly, single component, water based and Scary Easy applied by any. Best of all, Voodoo Liner® RX, is made from environmentally friendly technology incorporating recycled particles, so every time you use Voodoo Liner® your not only using a user-safe, eco-friendly product, but also doing your bit to help our enviroment. Applied by one of Voodoo liner® DIY Spray Guns. Voodoo Liner® RX spray bedliners. Offer a DIY safe, super tough, durable, non-slip alternative to other hazardous products on the market. With No Mixing required and long shelf-life for any unused product. Voodoo Liner® offers even trade professionals an eco-friendly, user safe technology, that’s super durable and easily cleaned up with water. Voodoo Liner® Scary Easy DIY Spray Applied Truck Bed liner coating. INCLUDED IN YOUR ORDER. 4 x 1LTR disposable Pouches OF VOODOO LINER, Colour Black Magic. 1 x Voodoo liner patented screw-on connector when selected with Gun (Screws onto any standard under body bedliner gun). 1 x Standard Voodoo liner under body spray gun (When selected). SCARY EASY DIY APPLICATION ON ANYTHING AUTOMOTIVE! SUPER EASY ROLL – SPRAY-ON TRUCK BED LINER COATING, EASY DIY APPLIED BY ANY WEEKEND WARRIOR. Just shake the can, open and use, NO MIXING Part A to Part B. NOT Volatile or dangerous chemical odours. Protects all surfaces, including Metal, Plastic, Aluminum & Wood surfaces from Dents, Scratches, Corrosion/Rust, Wear & Tear. Voodoo Liner is made from Proven Eco-Green technology developed over many years and infused with micro recycled tyres for SCARY-TOUGH, Easy to apply, DIY, Eco-Friendly bed liner coating. Voodoo liner has a long shelf life even after. Has been opened, so ZERO WASTAGE. Easy to repair and recoat at anytime, just clean, lightly sand surface and apply. Great Sound Damping for all Underbody vehicles and In Car Application, for a super-cool looking textured finish. RESTORES EVEN THE MOST WORN AND UNEVEN TRUCK BED OR VAN FLOOR TO BETTER LOOKING THAN NEW, SUPER TOUGH, NON-SLIP TEXTURED FINISH. Endless Application Uses, Trucks. Non Toxic, Ultra Low VOC, Water-based, Supernatural Scratch, Dent Resistant Surface That Is Also U. High Adhesion, Waterproof, Flexible, Helps Deaden Sound & Vibrations Due to Infused Micro Recycled tyres.
Voodoo Liner 4 Ltr Pouch Kit, Black Ute, Truck Bed Liner Coating, Diy Spray-on



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